Simple, Consistent Access

Ultimately, end users require simple, consistent access to IT Services: the applications and supporting infrastructure they require to do their job. Too often, the desktop is a hindrance rather than an enabling tool. At RedShift, we help organizations take control of their desktop infrastructure in order to keep IT repeatable, predictable and secure....

User-Centric Management

Traditional desktop management approaches focus on the computer – keeping it patched, tracking the asset, gathering inventory, pushing applications to machines. But the user is infinitely more important than the computer. User-centric management is a paradigm shift – commoditizing the desktop and focusing on delivering a personalized computing environment to the end user....


By leveraging virtualization technology, organizations are able to reduce the dependencies between the various desktop components and achieve the goal of simple, consistent user access to services, while maintaining a user-centric approach. RedShift Solutions specializes in desktop, application and user virtualization using best-in-class technologies from Microsoft, Citrix and AppSense....

Our Company

RedShift Solutions specializes in Application Virtualization and Systems Management. We have a passion for helping organizations use technology to automate and improve their Desktop management processes. We have designed and successfully implemented virtualization and systems management solutions across the entire Desktop technology stack, from hardware and OS to application and user.

The Business Challenge

The Enterprise Desktop has become increasingly complex and difficult to manage as businesses and their needs evolve. Managing the desktop environment can be a difficult and daunting task, and has typically been approached using a de-centralized, labor-intensive methodology. This results in increased costs, unpredictable and non-standard desktop configurations, difficulty in supporting end users, vast amounts of manual effort to support the desktop environment, and also an inability to effectively respond to ever-changing business requirements.

The Solution

Our approach is to manage the Desktop in discrete layers – the hardware, the OS, the applications, and the user. Typically these layers are all tightly interdependent, and this is where the complexity and management difficulties arise. By inserting virtualization technology in between these layers, we are able to reduce or eliminate the dependencies between these layers and allow centralized management and delivery of the Enterprise Desktop. Centralized management means greater control, automation and consistency, ultimately reducing the Total Cost of Ownership for desktops.