Vision and Mission

An unmanaged or poorly managed Desktop may be one of the single biggest risks and costs in an IT organization. Our vision is to revolutionize the way organizations manage their Desktop environments. We seek to first educate and inspire organizations to think differently about their Desktop strategy. Where there is no meaningful Desktop strategy, we desire to partner with organizations to define an effective Desktop strategy based on industry best practices. Where there are problems with the existing Desktop strategy or where significant challenges exist, we will help organizations to refine and optimize their Desktop strategy.

We also have deep technical expertise and years of hands-on experience designing and implementing the right solutions to turn Desktop strategies into realities. Our vision is to not only educate and inspire organizations, but to then partner with them on the journey from concept to reality. The ability to execute is the true measure of an effective Desktop strategy, and RedShift Solutions specializes in just that: taking action to drive meaningful change and improvements into the organization. The impact of defining, architecting and implementing an effective Desktop strategy is substantial. Costs are driven down, efficiencies are maximized, end users are more satisfied, Service Desk calls are reduced, and TCO plummets dramatically.

In 2008, Gartner research indicated that a well-managed desktop can save money — a 42% savings for a locked and well-managed desktop PC compared with an unmanaged one.

Total Costs of PC Ownership, 2008 (in US Dollars)
  Unmanaged Somewhat Managed Moderately Managed Locked and Well Managed
Direct costs 2,218 2,147 2,056 1,874
End-user costs 3,649 3,122 2,594 1,539
Total cost of ownership 5,867 5,269 4,650 3,413

Gartner: “Desktop Total Cost of Ownership: 2008“

These figures take into account hardware, IT labor and End-user costs. Using this study as a guide, by implementing industry best practices and technologies to secure and manage the desktop, moving from an unmanaged desktop to a locked and well managed desktop would result in a reduction in TCO of $2454 per desktop per year. In an organization of 1000 desktops this effort would result in $2,454,000 per year in savings.

This is the reason we are so passionate about helping organizations take control of their desktop environments and leverage the incredible technology that is currently available to  automate, streamline and optimize their desktop management processes. Creating a secure, repeatable, predictable and automated enterprise desktop will not only save organizations time and money, it will result in greater business agility, flexibility and end user satisfaction.






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