Telus Optik TV Router = rogue DHCP server

We recently purchased Optik TV from Telus, and in the process they switched out my DSL modem for a fancy new Wireless Router/Modem/Switch combo from Actiontec, model V1000h.

This router is “crippled” by Telus intentionally, presumably so people can’t go in and mess around with settings. Clicking on the most promising button “Advanced Settings” just takes you to a blank screen and then hitting the back button forces you to log in again. I dug around on some forums and there was all sorts of advice about hacking the router, updating the firmware to “uncripple” the router – to liberate it and enjoy the sweet, sweet freedom of messing around with router settings. But there were ominous warnings as well: “ONLY do this if you own the router personally. Telus will not support this upgraded firmware, etc.”

Having been stung badly with firmware updates on my Samsung Blu-Ray player (after one particular update, all Warner Bros DVDs would no longer display the disc menu), I was reluctant to go updating firmware. So I called Telus support.

As I had anticipated, their helpful staff were pleasant, efficient, and technically equipped to handle my question.

The conversation went something like this:

Me (after a 40 minute wait): Hello, I would like to disable the internal DHCP server on my Actiontec router.

Telus Support: We don’t support that.

Me: I know that the firmware you load on these routers hides those screens, but what I’m asking is there a way to get into those screens to disable DHCP – I already have a DHCP server on my network and this thing is causing conflicts.

Telus Support: So, you would like to port-forward your router?

Me: No, I want to disable the DHCP server.

Telus Support: I have no information on how to do that – you will have to call the manufactuer of this router.

Me: But your agreement states that I’m not allowed to update the firmware or modify this router, correct?

Telus Support: Yes, that is correct. But if you would like to port-forward the router…

Me: No, I’m good. *Click*

But I was determined to figure this out. And after digging a little bit more I found some posts with the “secret” links to some of the advanced settings I was looking for. So, if you own an Actiontec V1000H router and you want to get in there and mess about, here are some of the pages. If others have a more complete list, please post in the comments!

Just log in with “admin” and paste those puppies into your browser and you will be good to go. No firmware update needed. Now, to test if my TV still works…

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10 Responses to Telus Optik TV Router = rogue DHCP server

  1. Purespin says:

    Wow, that’s exactly what I have been looking for!!!
    Now I get rid of that stupid DHCP in Actiontec and have full control of my LAN! :-)

    Thank you so much!!! Never thought it would be so easy!

  2. Purespin says:

    Just noticed that Telus upgrade Actiontec Firmware Version to 31.30L.55 last night.

    All the 4 links above are NOT accessible any more (403 Forbidden) :-(

    To my surprise, they include the MAC DHCP mapping. You can access it from

    Guess I have to live it with it…

  3. Jeremy says:

    This used to work but it would appear that Telus has been performing updates to their routers that now restrict access. Hitting any of these links now shows.

    403 Forbidden
    You have no right to access this page

    This did work for me at one time as I had disabled dhcp and changed internal IP to a subnet. Alas, I I had to factory reset this damned thing one time and after that, I no longer could access these pages.

    So now I’m hoping there is another ‘admin’ account that will grant access to these pages. If anyone happens to know, I would like to interested.

  4. Mickey Mouse says:

    TELUS OptikTV is setup to be perfect for regular users.
    If you are an advanced user and need to mess with the DHCP etc etc then all you have to do is ask nicely.
    The support guys were very helpful and extremely knowlegeable.
    Just login as the tech if you need to.
    Login: tech
    Password: t3lu5tv
    You can also bypass most frustrations by adding and existing router to the Actiontech DMZ.
    The Actiontech can do port forwarding etc etc, so for most people in the Advanced User realm it should be fine. Alternatively leave their DHCP with 3 IP’s for the set-top boxes and manage the rest of the IP’s from your own DHCP.
    I hope this helps.

  5. Mickey Mouse says:

    If you notice that your Actiontech firmware is not current as per the manufacturer.
    For instance mine was a few versions behind when it was installed.
    Call the support number and ask them to update it remotely.
    They do it promptly and remotely.
    Usually a reboot of the unit is required and it keeps all the settings.

    I should warn you that the firmware from the Actiontechs website should NOT be installed as the Optiktv Actiontech firmware has some custom TELUS code added to make the optiktv work with the set-top boxes. Again, it is an easy upgrade that can be requested with a simple call and a please to the TELUS support team.

  6. tstwitter says:

    Hum, I am running VoIP SIP on my Android cell phone and would like to setup QoS on the modem so the sound quality improves. I don’t seem to see any settings in the advanced Telus firmware for QoS. Would I then need to go back to the Actiontec firmware if that is something that I need ? We don’t run Telus OpticTV, it’s just pure internet. But I do need QoS as that is what I ran on my old Shaw/router combo before I switched back to Telus. BTW, Telus 25meg down service is FASTER then Shaw, I did bare modem speedtests (21.5meg/s Shaw to 23.0meg/s Telus down) and the up is almost double at (.4meg/s Shaw to 1.3meg/s Telus). Wow, I did not expect that, I was just going by price originally. VDSL is wonderful.

    Anyways, I am getting the idea that I am going to need to use the OEM Actiontec firmware if I want to clearup my VoIP phone usage.

  7. A Happy IT Guy says:

    Mickey Mouse, I can’t thank you enough.
    The techs I talked to would not give me tech access to the actiontec unit, and without changing the lan IP, it was worthless to us.
    Thank you very much for posting the credentials.

  8. Raging Telus customer says:

    Nope. So telus decided to be a complete arsewipe and block those screens you just posted. No luck anymore, hate these companies.

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